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Vision, Mission, Values


Our Vision:

To Be A Premier Petroleum Company Delivering Exceptional Customer Service.

Our Mission:

Make it Convenient! 

Wallis Companies is a great place with great people. We are an adaptable, high-spirited company that is well respected within our industry and communities, as well as by our suppliers, customers, and competitors. The values and beliefs outlined below are at the heart and soul of everything we do, what we stand for, what we stand on, and most important where we are going.


Integrity is the first and most important of our values. Integrity means always abiding by the law, both the letter and the spirit. With customers, integrity is an unwritten promise that our employees will do what is right, even when there is no written policy on how to make it right. Integrity and trust are at the heart of the daily decisions we make. Integrity doesn’t mean doing everything right, it means always doing the right thing.

Customer Focus means looking outward instead of inward. Strong customer focus is in our vision, it is in our mission, and it is one of our core values. We make customer considerations a part of every meeting, discussion, and decision.

Employee Development has always been a priority for Wallis Companies. We have a Career Development Process that provides a path for the growth of each of our employees. We will continue to ensure that our training and development are aligned, value-driven, challenging and delivered in a fun, meaningful and professional style.

Entrepreneurial Spirit means we are constantly driven to know our markets, challenge our systems and seize opportunities. In an entrepreneurial company, people have to embrace change, learn from it, and keep all systems moving forward by adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Respect is a quality that takes constant tuning. Respect means not putting down someone else’s point of view. Respect means listening with an open mind and a closed mouth. Respect means soliciting others opinions, even if you feel confident in your answer. Respect is not limited to interaction with others but also includes respect of your surroundings. Respect is a two-way street and when there is an environment of mutual respect, stretch goals can be easy targets.

Commitment means that we have an unwritten contract with our customers, our suppliers and each other to do the right thing. Commitment does not mean making thoughtless promises but a deeper commitment to deliver a fast, fresh, friendly experience to our customers. It means a commitment to value and cherish our employees. A commitment to be a responsible member of the community. Wallis has a commitment to live by our mission and our values and a commitment to ourselves to be more knowledgeable than the day before.

Community means being a positive force in each community in which we operate. We start with being a positive force by "making it convenient" for our customers and building new-to-industry sites that are visually pleasing and provide a needed service to the citizens. Community means taking an active role in charitable organizations, serving on local chambers and participating in community functions. Community means taking responsibility to ensure that we will not serve age-restricted products to minors. Community means that we will proactively ensure a safe environment for the public.

Relationships are not established in a day but built by daily actions and interactions over time. Strong customer, supplier and employee relationships are at the core of our company’s foundation and will be the building blocks for achieving greatness.


Safety is fundamental to our everyday culture and Wallis Companies is dedicated to protecting employees and customers from injuries throughout our organization.  Only through a mutual commitment of all our employees can this be achieved and be effective.  It is our expectation that everyone work toward achieving a common goal of zero accidents by taking individual responsibility for making safety an integral part of their day-to-day business decisions and work habits.